This Is How You Root Your Note 2 In 9 Simple Steps

Before you start, know the following:

By carrying out this procedure, you do void the warranty on your device. Neither our site nor I can be held responsible for any damage caused to your device, or a brick. You do this entirely at your own risk!


First of all, before we start, take a backup and make sure your battery is at least 50% charged!

Export your contacts, or put them into your google account. Use a tool such as SMS backup & restore from the Google Play Store so that you save your text messages which allows you to put them back on your device later.

Use an app like Titanium Backup or MyBackup Pro to save your apps.

Then copy the entire contents of your SD card to your computer, so you are certain that you have the correct files which you can put back on your device later on if necessary.

If there are any changes in the tool or this article needed, or this procedure is no longer correct, please let me know via our contact form and I apply it as soon as possible.

All credits for this tool and procedure go to mskip, a hero on XDA

What you need to do before starting:

1.     A Note 2. This speaks for itself but you should also use the original USB cable to avoid problems.
2.    A backup to your computer!! I can’t stress this hard enough how important this is! Don’t come afterwards complaining if you have lost your precious SMS messages or contacts etc.
3.    Best also is to do this with your MicroSD card. It is not strictly necessary, but some wipescripts going to make the internal SD card blank, so your best bet would be to do that as well before you start rooting.
4.    Know that this only works for Kitkat or lower. Any version on lollipop or above won’t work this, so don’t even try! We know over 50% of you already run on the lollipop update, therefore my friends at XDAWhizz created this tutorial! (shows for the S4 but it will work on Note 2, trust me!)
Procedure and recovery:

1.    If you choose to have installed the tool on your computer, remove it.
2.    Disconnect your device, and do not connect it until not asked for!
3.    USB debugging must be ticked on (Menu -> Settings -> Developer Options -> Check mark next to USB debugging facilities)
4.    Download the toolkit. You can also always download it from the original thread on XDA.
5.    Install the tool, just always hit next, next and next to complete the installation..
6.    Then run the tool by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop.
7.    The tool will ask if you want to check for a new version. Type no and press Enter
8.    Then comes the question what your device’s format and build is. This can be found by going to Menu -> Settings -> Device Info. At the bottom you should see the build number. Compare this with the choices you get in the tool, and then push 1 or 2 depending on your build, and confirm with Enter.
9.     You are now in the main menu of the tool. The first step is to install it so that your computer recognizes your device to steer the necessary commands drivers. Therefore, choose the first option to install the drivers on your PC by typing 1,

Followed by Enter:

1.    The next menu, choose again one and Enter.
2.     Press Enter again to confirm for one more time.
3.    Then select the language and click Next, Next and Finish until it is installed.
4.    The tool then asks to connect the Note 2 to your computer via USB, it will carry out a few checks and then you see ultimately stand Press any key to Return to the Main Menu. Press Enter.

It’s now ready to be fully rooted and is ready to get it installed on. Simply hit the icon and you’re ready to go. You can also perform a recovery from within the tool, use the Recovery function.

This Is How You Root Your Note 2 In 9 Simple Steps

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