The Music Related Apps I Install Once I Get Root Access

I have received many questions lately regarding my latest post that had to do about rooting an Android to gain access to many new and exciting music features, so I wanted to extend on that a little and show you the best apps using the SuperUser platform, which you can only access once you rooted your Android.

The best music related apps that you should install as soon as you rooted your Android phone or tablet:

Before I begin, keep in mind that the mentioned apps are all picked on personal preference, what I’m going to mention is the tip of the iceberg, as there are thousands of music apps available in the SuperUser’s app library. And for those who have no idea what “rooting” is, then it’s all explained here.

1 – 4Shared Music

This app is great, and anyone should download it as soon as they can. Why? Because they’ll allow you to download music for free. That’s right, for free. And it’s not streaming either, you’ll be able to get your hands on the actual music files, which is great since that way you won’t have any loading speed issues whatsoever.

2 – Volume Widget

This will divide your Android’s volume into different types, which you can them turn down, mute or turn up. This is a nice feature to have as that way you can for example turn down the bass of your plugged in speaker, and add more volume to the “high” of a song.

3 – Astro File Manager

This isn’t exactly music related, but I figured I might as well add this in the list here for the simple fact that it will allow you to store your music files in the cloud. That way you can still access all of your songs, without having to worry about the amount of data storage your phone or tablet has left.

4 – USB Mass Storage

Allows you to quickly port files stored on an USB to your Android. No need to explain it further, as it’s very easy to use.

5 – Fantastic Audio Installer

In my opinion this one falls in the category of “must have” apps, because it will allow you to keep your sound drivers up to date. That’s right, this app will automatically keep your drivers up to date, thus allowing you to maximize your music hearing experience because it will keep the sound quality top notch!

6 – Terra Music Player

As the name already says, this is a new music player which in my opinion is one the best and most easy to use. It’ll even allow you to play different media files than the regular music extensions. Apart from that, it also let’s you mix songs, if you ever wanted to try and see if you’re a good DJ, then definitely install this app!

Something else entirely:

If you wanted to notch your Android up even more, don’t install any of the apps above, but install a ROM or Kernel instead. A ROM completely overhauls your entire Android into a specific theme. But It’s not limited to themes though, instead of will also include many additional features such as exporting, blend in music player, settings changer, sound effects, beat creator, beats audio / Spotify / Pandora integration and so many more.

So what you’d need to do is go to any of the XDA forums, and find customized music ROMs. They’ve been made so that your Android will become one big badass music player in which you can get the most out of your music hands down.

However, the only downside is the fact that ROMs are definitely for the tech savvy people, and unfortunately I’m not one of them, but they do remain a good option if you know what you’re doing, as they outperform apps all day long.

So, choose whatever you want, and be sure that rooting is definitely the way forward for your ears!

The Music Related Apps I Install Once I Get Root Access

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